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XforWooCommerce is a plugins pack for WooCommerce! Currently has 13 amazing plugins inside. You're just one click away from awesomeness.
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Product Filters

Best and the fastest product filters for any WooCommerce shop. Demos include Fashion/Clothing, Electronics/Technics Store, Car Parts Finder, Green/Healthy Shop and many more!
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Product Options

Don't sell just products! Add-on options can raise a lot of revenue! Make more out of your products with this plugin. Full support for variable products and images, prices, instock, out of stock and backorders.
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Badges and Counters

Awesome product badges for WooCommerce, including sale badges with counters, new badges, featured, category and tag badges! 50+ badge presets available. Browse the demos for more info.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO this plugin provides is all you need to run any store search engine optimization on autopilot. This plugin covers all pages and meta tags. Custom meta is available. Very resource friendly with your server.
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PDF, Print and Share

Add print, PDF, share and email support in your store. Let customers download, email or print products. Available automatically for any product by a simple flip of a switch. Browse demos to see it in action.
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Shop Design

We've got some pretty cool product designs for your WooCommerce shop. These install in a few seconds and are ready to use. Awesome looking designs that increase conversion and add variety in your products.
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Product Tabs

Useful product tabs manager. Table from CSV, image, video, text, HTML, shortcode. Create tabs from product meta keys easily. Rename or disable short description or information tab. Plus conditions!
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Spam Control

This plugin helps you fight spam. Using awesome functions your Shop will never feel the pain of thousands of spam emails. Spam Control blocks spam traffic hooked onto your website and shreds it.
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Price Commander

With Price Commander intuitive user interface you'll be able to do thousands of operations for product prices in just seconds. Scheduling sales 20% off on 100 products is now done with a single click by using this plugin.
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Bulk Add to Cart

Bulk Add to Cart adds checkboxes to your store products and a Bulk Tool that lets your customers add more products to cart at a time. How this works? It’s super simple, check a few products, set quantity and click Bulk Add to Cart!!
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Live Search

Live Search for WooCommerce brings the coolest element for any website. Find products with ease with this module. Any pagebuilder is supported! Elementor, Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder even Cornerstone, you name it.
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Floating Cart

Don't let your Cart hide from your customers! Get XforWooCommerce standardized Cart solution that works with any theme. WooCommerce AJAX add to cart is supported, variations too. This plugin is update proof!
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Package Quantity Discount

Package quantity discount module can set discounts per cent or fixed for your products on set quantities. Secondly the option for Select Box with packages is available, so you can show it with options such as 6x$9.99, 12x$9.99..
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